A New Moon

This year my holidays have had to become new in so many ways. With the passing of my Dad a few years ago and my mom about to go into assisted living things have had to have changed. The old traditions are no longer feasible and it is quite the paradigm shift to leave the wafting memory of childhood behind and know those times will never be again. The new challenge is to craft new traditions that meet my and Mr. Charles’s wants and also allow some new family interactions. This year was a beginning. We spent some good time before Christmas with family in Savannah and are home now to spend our special days together. It is now a new moon and under her growing light I hope to begin new traditions and celebrations of life and living with family of the heart.


New Flock

flockeIt was my birthday and my DH gave me a new flock of sheep, but he took pics of our dogs and put their faces on the sheep. He is so clever.

My Sheep


Here is my herd of sheep. Currently they live on my computer desk and keep my space free of all but positive and creative energies. Unfortunately I don’t get much wool from them. One day I may have live sheep to make lovely roving and yarns from but until then I am content with my no maintenence herd.


PineNeedle Baskets

 Widderspins = having dessert first, going for what makes the heart sing….

About the time I had seen 715 moons go by I figured out that I had probably lived longer up to that point than I had left to live in my lifetime. And so, I made a conscious decisioin to start doing more of the things that made my heart sing. I actually made a list of all the things I was doing at the time and ex’ed off those that really did not bring me any joy. So I quit doing them.

I took a look at all the crafts that I dabbled in and asked myself, which did I really want to spend time doing. I narrowed it down to making pine needle baskets, which I have done for four decades, crocheting, knitting and drawing. These were enough to keep me happily occupied and swimming in the oceans of creativity.

Then I learned to spin…….spinning